What is "food insecurity?"

Food insecurity is defined as a condition where people must skip meals, cut back on the quality and quantity of what they eat, or rely on emergency sources for food.

How are students identified to receive Backpacks?

Teachers, Counselors, and School Administrators work together to identify food insecure students who would benefit from the program. Parental permission is secured before food items are sent home with students.

How are backpacks distributed throughout the school system?

  • Truck Service of Forest City generously donates their time to pick up backpacks from Second Harvest in Charlotte, and transports them to their warehouse in Forest City. The Maintenance Department of RCS then distributes backpacks to elementary schools. 
  • RCS Outreach Specialists Lauren Beard and Victoria Green pick up from there and distribute to our middle and high schools. 
  • Additionally, local churches that supplement the gap pack bags on-site and deliver directly to the schools they serve.

Lauren Beard and Victoria Green, 

RCS Outreach Specialists